I've served as an independent editor on more than a dozen books, most recently John Kaag''s "American Philosophy: A Love Story," which NPR called a "transcendently wonderful love song," and Alexandra Wolfe's "Valley of the Gods," which Elle dubbed a "voyeuristic cultural history." I've also edited more of The Nutrition Experts series than I can total up. I'm so grateful that these authors allowed me to play a small role in their work. 

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Magazines and Newspapers

As travel editor at The Wall Street Journal, I oversaw travel coverage for the paper's weekend section, assigning and editing features, and working with photo editors and designers to create luscious, inspiring pages. 

Travel + Leisure August 2016 Cover

At Travel + Leisure, I ran the regular travel news section, as well as special issues focused on the World's Best Awards and the future of travel. 

Wall Street Journal Off Duty Road Trip


Recessionwire 2010 Homepage

Yup, done that, too. I was in charge of lifestyle coverage for Forbes.com and later Conde Nast's lavish (but smart) Portfolio.com. In 2009 I co-founded the top site covering the Great Recession, Recessionwire. I actually had to use Wayback Machine to get this screenshot. It's SO late aughts, right?