Selected Writing

My work has appeared in some of the world's leading publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Esquire, Travel + Leisure, Marie Claire and Fast Company. Though I mostly cover travel right now, I've written about everything from chemical weapons to out-of-control grooms, Alabama rivers to Manhattan townhouses. 


Bloomberg Pursuits

Where to Go in 2017: Iran, Japan, Toronto, Turks and Caicos

Travel + Leisure

Serious Baggage: Everything you need to know about luggage right now 

The Wall Street Journal

The Return of the Two-Week Vacation


The Wall Street Journal

Swiss Bliss: Is it worth traveling 14 hours for a bath and a massage? Yes.

The Wall Street Journal

Why Fly? Crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2 is far more civilized than traveling by plane.

The Wall Street Journal

Where Cold Is Cool: Hot drinks, bright lights and warm hosts make up for Copenhagen's winter chill

Joshua Rhee

The Wall Street Journal

The Suite Life: Hotels are racing to create the most lavish guest rooms in the world. 


The Wall Street Journal

On the Go With Google Glass



Marie Claire

Do You Have Engagement Rage? 

Marie Claire

The Rise of Groomzilla


Real estate, Personal Finance, and Business

Fast Company

Why Airbnb is One of the Most Innovative Companies of 2017


From Clicks to Bricks


"I Lost My Home--And Got It Back!"

Better Homes and Gardens February 2011.jpg

Better Homes and Gardens

Cents and Sensibility



Luxury Homes Go Begging


Art and Design

The Wall Street Journal

Introducing the Throwbed—a New Alternative to the Hammock


Affordable Art Finds a Retail Market