This is the World's Best Sun Hat (And I've Tried Them All)

I'll never forget the Friday evening I spent on the beach with my friend Jen several years ago. We'd taken the train out from the city that afternoon, and I was ready for some time on the sand. I spread my towel, set up my umbrella, slathered on my sunscreen, and set a hat on my head.

Thirty minutes later, as we watched the sunset, she looked at me and laughed. 

I'm serious about avoiding the sun. I eagerly await the annual sunscreen reviews from Consumer Reports. I wish parasols were still a thing. And for years I've been on the hunt for the perfect sun hat. 

This spring, I found it. 

The Savannah hat by Wallaroo has everything I've been seeking in a sun hat. It offers SPF 50 protection and is big enough to shade your entire face and neck. It's light yet structured, and rolls up for packing. A hidden drawstring lets you adjust the fit. It is bow-free.

Now if only it had some sort of LoJack system, so I wouldn't have to buy a new one every couple of months. 

$52, available at